Marriage, Family, And Religion

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Marriage, Family, and Religion
Omar De La Garza
Texas A&M International University

The institutions of marriage and family are fundamental concepts to the functioning of our present day society. In this paper, marriage and family and their changes over time will be discussed. Topics such as religion, which plays an important role is the development and changes of ideas regarding these two topics will be approached as well as the social changes due to tradition and the changes of time in regards of marriage and traditional thoughts of marriage and family. In this paper, these topics are discussed in order to establish how they have effected same sex marriage and marriage in general.

Marriage, Structure, and Religion
Marriage and family are perhaps the most imperative structures within our societies. While our societies evolve rapidly as they grow, it is important to note that values, traditions, cultures and mentalities evolve and change as well. Since it is recognizable that there are variations in every factor that can compose a “family”, it is recognizable too that this formations are vital in the study of sociology as we seek to be understanding of how and why our society is way it is. Different representation and ideals of marriage and family shape society. Religion, traditions and modern thought seem to also be the most important factors, in both negative and positive ways, within the American culture as we study that structure…

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