Marriage In Middle America Essay

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The Marginalization of Marriage in Middle America is an interesting article that explains a social phenomenon that is currently occurring within the United States. The problem is essentially the fact that that there is a wide range of forces that are driving the retreat from marriage in Middle America, more specifically with the moderately-educated Americans. Some of the driving forces include economic, cultural, religious, and legal factors. One of mentioned policies, with the intentions of resolving the problem, was the idea of “increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for childless workers and reduce the marriage penalty.” I agree to an extent with the fact that the policy will improve the current frequency of marital retreatment,…show more content…
There is most likely other economic sub-factors that contribute to the social phenomenon. The case could differ based on the person, and there is essentially “no single measure that can address all aspects of the problem.” A couple’s rationale for not marrying is not necessarily always based on the benefits they receive on tax credits, but the underlying problem could actually be based on the economic crisis that is experienced by the American middle-class as a whole—branching off into other sub-categorical reasons for why people are retreating from marriage. Additionally, as time has progressed, so have the structures and organizations of the society’s working-class. The jobs have become automated, or in other cases, have moved overseas, and it has become more difficult for “[educated] young men to find the kind of steady, well-paying industrial work that [will sustain] their families.” The manipulation of the EITC program may therefore not be enough to improve the current retreatment from marriage. The reason for the diminishing frequency of marriage lies on a variety of factors. It would be highly unlikely to solve it with such a specific implementation that may not appeal to all
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