Marriage Is A Difficult Proposition

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It is a well-known fact, in today’s society, that establishing and maintaining a marriage covenant is a difficult proposition. Couples find it easy to fall in love, dream of a future together, and make commitments that they intend to keep. According to divorce rates, however, it is easier to say, “I do” and “until death do us part” than to cultivate the skills that are required to remain committed to a lifelong marriage relationship. According to, Goodwin, Mosher, and Chandra (2010), research has shown that approximately one-third of marriages in the USA end up in divorce within the first 10 years. Additionally, estimates are that around 50% of all marriages in the USA end up in divorce (Britzman & Sauerheber, 2014). For many, the major reasons for these disconnects in marriage are deficits in effective marital communication, the inability to resolve conflict constructively, and the lack of commitment to making the marriage work (Balderrama-Durbin, Snyder, & Balsis, 2015; Balswick & Balswick, 2014; DeMaris, Sanchez, & Krivickas, 2012; Stanley, Amato, Johnson, & Markman, 2006; Villa & Del Prette, 2013). According to Leslie Parrot, co-author of Save Your Marriage Before it Starts (SYMBIS), for many years, marriage and family counselors have poured their time, effort and energy into helping clients work through these issues to find ways to repair the broken relationships (Serres, 2010). Parrot says that although this is still necessary and vital, she, along with other leaders
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