Marriage Is A Fundamental And Vital Establishment

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Marriage is a fundamental and vital establishment across the large majority of cultures and societies around the world. An arranged marriage typically refers to a circumstance in which primarily someone other than the partners themselves chooses marriage spouses. These other persons are normally the parents, but they may also be another kin. It is a merging of not only two people, but of two families through the process of agreement as well. Nevertheless, arranged marriages are an intricate subject most common in South Asia such as India. In today’s society the idea is looked down upon because, as many argue, not having the right to choose one’s marriage partner is the loss of freedom of choice.
Merely the parents arranged marriages in India for the previous generations. The bride or groom probably would not even see each other until they are both placed at the altar, depending on the parents. In a traditional marriage taken place in India where it is not forced, the parents choose their son or daughter 's future spouse with only a little say from the soon to be newly-weds. If either the son or daughter refuses the choice, the parents tend to respect their requests, and will find someone else. The main motivation in such marriages is the happiness of the son or daughter, but the outlook is that "parents know best." In a forced or arranged marriage, if the bride or groom refuses to marry their selected partner, they will be punished. In most cases, their objection is simply
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