Marriage Is A Life And Social Family Affair

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Marriages are suppose to be a lifetime of commitment towards love and care amongst people, yet most marriages seem to be falling apart due to the increasing numbers of problems within the relationship whether it is lack of communication, rushing into the marriage, or focusing on the glitz and the glam of planning the perfect wedding. Does marriage always mean love? When two people make a binding commitment to spend the rest of their lives together does it always last? Marriage is a union between man and women, typically recognized by law in which they become husband and wife. Marriage may come in different forms and means different things within different cultures, for example in West Africa a marriage is a spiritual and social family affair that combines two lives, two families, or even two communities. In India marriage is seen as a way to bring a family closer together and parents usually arrange the marriage a spouse for their sons, or daughters. But marriage has become unvalued overtime. The divorce rates amongst couples have been increasing. These days marriage does not always mean a happily ever after.
Marriage has become more about the glitz and the glam of planning/ having the perfect wedding, finding the perfect wedding and living a fairly tail life. Rather than focusing on planning your life together with someone, finding a compatible mate, and learning how to deal with the person you are about to commit to. People spend thousands of dollars and months
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