Marriage Is A Necessity Of Life

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At one point or another we will all experience the euphoric highs and devastating lows of love. For most of us, the spell of love will culminate into marriage. It only seems natural since it has been a cultural norm for hundreds of years. There is even a scientific consensus that we are biologically compelled to find another mate. However inherent love is to us, marriage is an abstract notion conceptualized by human philosophy. It is humanity’s effort to manifest the unification of two people and to be recognized by society. Unfortunately, it seems that we have to rethink the validity of marriage in the 21st century. Divorce plagues society today with the probability averaging out to fifty percent in the United States. The consequences of divorce generally devastate whole families, destroying financial life long accomplishments, and even spur us in deep states of depression sometimes leading to suicide. However conflicting marriage is with modernity, to older generations the institution of marriage is a necessity of life, but is not fair to men, and is often a disservice to our youths. As humans we seek the happiness through companionship. For prior generations, one way this was fulfilled was through marriage. It was a way of life in which an individual would share a household with their spouse and often times with their offspring. These institutions would be interdependent on one another for financial stability and emotional support. However, not every marriage was
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