Marriage Is A Private Affair By Chinua Achebe Essay

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When we have no foundational support, love or connection with our family we can become emotional and psychologically affected by the action and outcome of what tends to take place within that family. These circumstances is highlighted by the characters in these short and intense family rival stories. “Marriage is a Private Affair” by Chinua Achebe, focuses on a father and a son whose relationship became tarnished because of a decision the son made to marry out of his society’s tradition and “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker is about a mother whose memory focuses on past events of her daughter’s burdens on her and also she gave a brief description of the differences of her daughter’s physicality and characteristics. In a sophisticated ambience in the city at 16 Kasanga Street, Lagos, Nnaemeka; the main character, who was in his fiancé, Nene’s room, portrayed a feeling of concern. When his fiancé urged him to inform their engagement to his father. Words such as “Thinking about it”, “Groped for words”, “I wish I were sure it would be happiness to him” convey this feeling. (Achebe 1). While in “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, the milieu was taken place in the main characters’ yard. The breezy atmosphere depicted a calm environment with everything seemingly looks organized and peaceful. A sense of perfection. “When the hard clay is swept clean as a floor and the fine sand around the edges lined with tiny, irregular grooves, anyone can come and sit and look up into the elm
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