Marriage Is An African American Woman

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Marriage is an interpersonal union established between two people who are in love with one another. Moreover, beneficial marriage is where a person marries someone for the benefits of themselves. “Santosh, you have no problems. Marry the hubshi. That will automatically make you a citizen. Then you will be a free man” (Naipaul 2750). Naipaul’s “One Out of Many”, reveals Santosh is marrying an African American woman but not for love. Santosh is a foreigner at the risk of being deported, but when he marries this African American woman, it grants him the benefit of being a citizen. Carter’s “The Bloody Chamber” presents a young woman marrying a Marquis who is very opulent yet obscure. “‘Are you sure you love him?’” ‘I’m sure I want to marry him,’ I said” (Carter 2). The seventeen year old girl is marrying a man who is along in years, she makes it blatantly obvious to her mother that she does not love him. The mysterious Marquis attracts her and she wants insight about him and she wants to explore her sexuality. Rather than marrying for love, Santosh and the main character of the “The Bloody Chamber”, marries for their own benefits, which reveals beneficial marriage being a connecting thread between the two texts. They use the marriage for other things advantaging themselves and not for love. Santosh is fresh in to the country didn’t know much of anything. He learned as he developed throughout the short story. He would overhear people speak about green cards and how they were
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