Divorce In The United States

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Marriage is an important issue in people’s lives because it bonds couples closer together in a relationship. There are a lot of benefits to marriage such as longer life expectancy, better sex experience, stronger emotional support and closer family bonds. However, in the United States, the divorce rate has been on the rise over the last few decades due to marital conflicts, financial problems, external marital affairs etc. According to recent statistics, new couples in the modern society since 1990s have a 50% chance of getting divorced (Stanley et al., 1995). The more liberal the society becomes, the weaker the moral judgement of marriage becomes, and divorced people, unlike the older days where they would have to face a lot of external negativities and pressure upon being divorced, no longer have to be concerned about being blamed or suppressed anymore in the modern era. For couples wanting to enhance the quality and duration of marriage, more and more of them choose to take pre-marital courses or get pre-marital counseling prior to their holy unification. Getting a pre-marital education from the class or counselor should be beneficial for couples, and it should potentially reduce the possibility of divorce in the future. New engaged couples not only need to develop the marital bond, but also they will need to focus on having a harmonious and functional marital style (McCarthy, Ginsberg & Cintron, 2008). The paper will create five-day retreat for new engaged
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