Marriage Is The Central And Most Important Social Institution

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Marriage is a form of union between two people, in which comes with love, respect, responsibilities, mutual conjugal rights, and a family. In many cultures, marriage is the central and most important social institution. In varies in many ways such as rituals, weddings, anniversaries, and as many things in life come to an end, divorce. Across cultures, there will be different forms of marriages, some may be out of societies norms and some can be the right thing to do when it comes to culture. Polygamy is defined in the Haviland textbook as a marriage form in which one individual has multiple spouses at the time. Polygamy has two different styles: Polygyny and Polyandry. Both of theses styles have a majority of differences but share a few.…show more content…
Monogamy is also defined in the textbook as a marriage in which both partners have just one spouse. Monogamy is a legal form of marriage in the United States and is common worldwide. Polygamy differs from monogamy because in monogamy marriage a man and woman marries one another with no one in-between besides their children. From the article, “ When Brothers Share a Wife”, three brothers Dorje, Pema, and Sonam are in a joint marriage from a woman from the next village, this form of marriage is called fraternal polyandry. In the Tibetan society fraternal polyandry is the ideal form of marriage and family. In Dorje’s family he is the youngest, 15, his other brother is 22, and the eldest is 25. His wife who is 23 which is an eight year difference, sharing a spouse isn’t so unusual to a female or male and the wife should treat all brothers the same. Age plays a role in which responsibilities each brother receives in the marriage. The youngest doesn’t participate till midteen and the eldest is the dominate in terms of authority. When having children, each offspring refers to each brother as their father, although it’s not their biological one. When one brother decides to leave, children will remain with the remaining brothers in the household. Women in fraternal polyandry marriage have a good economic benefit because she only has to overbear the children
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