Marriage Is The Highlight Of Many Peoples Lives Both Women

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Marriage is the highlight of many peoples lives both women and men alike. The American dream is to have a career, house, and getting married is usually at the bottom of the list, unfortunately is least properly planned. In other countries, particularly India, marriage is looked is way more significant than any other place, it is something that is deeply rooted in the culture there. American marriages are straying away from the traditional and religious role of marriage, where in some marriages here the women and men switch roles. In Indian marriages both gender and social class play important role, being taking way more serious than most marriages in the world. Women are groomed from earlier on in life to be prepared for marriages as well…show more content…
Caste groups are all about keeping their status and securing future stability for the family. If this ruled is not followed then the woman suffer consequences, with a punishment of condoned rape. Upper caste marrying lower caste is prohibited as it is viewed as pollution. The family is the matchmaker in the Indian marriage tradition who arranges the marriages for their son or daughter. It is the male’s family who is in charge for arranging the marriage. Arranged marriages plays a huge part in India traditions and is a part of Hindu marriage rituals. Seldom do they pick the individual pick for themselves, if they do it must be approved by the elders. For families who are picking a woman for their son, the most important concern is the social status of the woman’s family as reputation is a mark of what kind of what she will be. The women family only the other hand has more pressure in finding a husband for their daughter due to the responsible of having to give gifts to marry her off, similar practice to an illegal system call the dowry. They will most likely be responsible for taking care of the wedding cost. Marriage dowry is where the wife family pays the husband family sometimes in land or money for her marrying and living with his family. Women often do not have an objection to whom they will marry be are subject to whoever they family feel is the best fit. Once
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