Marriage Is The Symbol Of A Man And A Woman

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Marriage is the symbol of a man and a woman love each other. However, with time goes by, there will be some cracks of marriage emerged. Nowadays, the marriage and family become a hot topic because there are increasing number of people talking about whether parents should talk to their children they are getting divorced if they do not love each other anymore. In addition, a lot of parents also consider whether their separation will bring some negatives effects to their children in the future. Not only in America, but also in China, this kind of situation is a common occurrence. From the article “Separating” and an experience of my friend, people like to believe that the divorce of their parents will truly bring some long lasted negative influences such as overreaction and bizarre behavior to their children if they told their children improperly. Moreover, elder children can accept it faster than the younger children about the parents’ divorce. First and foremost, parents should tell the truth that they are getting divorce properly to control the side effect of their divorce. Parents who are getting divorce are still love their children. They hope their children will have a wonderful childhood. Just like the article “Separation” written by John Updike says that “we’ve always, especially, loved our children” (Updike, ###). In other words, the love of their parents will not change even though their parents’ divorce. In this article, people can realize that the different
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