Marriage : Marriage In Love And Divorce And Marriage?

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We have all heard of a situation something like this before: a guy and girl meet, go on dates, fall in love, and eventually decide to marry. Things are perfect at first, but then time goes by, and things each person loved about the other begin to annoy them, they begin to grow bored with one another, bills, babies, and outside stresses start to pile up, and soon they are arguing every other night. Before they know it, they are saying goodbye - dividing up their things and divorcing amidst disappointment and tears. So, why do we even start in the first place? In a society where getting married is not as typical as it was in previous decades and divorce rates are so high, why do people still get married? Nowadays, divorce rates are very high, but people still get married. David Popenoe and Barbara Whitehead state, “Marriage trends in recent decades indicate that Americans have become less likely to marry, and the most recent data show that the marriage rates in the United States continues to decline” (Popenoe and Whitehead 16). Now why could this be? Society as a whole has changed the landscape of what truly is happiness. Selfish, self-centered men and women would rather run into to arms of their mistress or lover instead of trying to figure out their problems. Worldly desires creep in and cause people to make unconscious decisions. Andrew J. Cherlin states that, “In a larger sense, the changing division of labor, cohabitation, and gay marriage are the result of long-term
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