Marriage Means Something Different Now By Stephanie Coontz Summary

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In the article “For Better, For Worse: Marriage Means Something Different Now,” Author Stephanie Coontz talks about “marriage is no longer the main way in which societies regulate sexuality and parenting or organize the division of labor between men and women”. Likewise, people have no longer traditional value, and Now they need love, mutual understanding and faithful person to live with. So, if a couple is not able to get all these requirements then a couple don’t stay in a relationship. Additionally, if a couple is married, but they don’t love each other threat they take divorce. Apparently, marriage is not all about love between a couple, but it is about connecting loved once and children both. However, there are different situations such…show more content…
Moreover, Couples fight, curse each other and sometimes they stop talking to each other. Consequently, this will affect their children in a negative way as well as on their mental development; sometimes children stop believing in marriage, or they are trying to find love outside their family ,or they start gaining bad habits because they don't receive proper care from the parents that they deserve. For example, one of my friend and her boyfriend have dated each other for five years. Furthermore, when my friend asked him to marry; he said no for marriage, but he wanted to live in a relationship because of his parents. Besides, his parents are together, they have some differences in their relationship, but they didn’t break their relationship just for their child. Additionally, he was grown in the environment where his parents always had problems with each other and that is why he wasn’t able to get positive vibes even though he was living with his parents. As a result, he does not believe in marriage anymore, which created the problem with my friend and his relationship. Shortly, marriage is all about love and peace that all people need in their lives, and if it is harder for couples to develop peaceful and lovable habits for their children
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