Marriage Essay

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Marriage Marriage is a complicated institution. It is a contract for a relationship, which in the past has often been ending up in a divorce. This is different from other decades. In the United States between forty and fifty percent of Americans will end up divorcing (Crawford & Unger, 2000). Now, the question is - what is going on with married couples, and with marriage in general? There is no simple answer for that, but all the changes in the world in the past years could be part of the answer. Society has changed its mentality in a lot of ways, and one of them is the acceptance of divorce as a normal way to end an unhappy relationship. People marry each other for love most of the time; they want to share a life…show more content…
Sometimes they choose to go on alone, though men are more likely to have a more difficult adjustment to divorce than do women (Crawford & Unger, 2000). People believe that a marriage becomes happier when children come, but a lot of the conflicts that lead to the failure of the contract happen after the "honeymoon period", which usually ends right after the first child's birth. The marriage usually demands more work, more responsibilities, and requires more emotional assets. The reasons for the disagreements are different for every couple, but most of them occur because women end up having to perform more roles than men, and end up sometimes having no time to talk to their husbands, or are only more stressed. Marriage usually gets better after the kids grow up and are more self sufficient, giving the parents more time to enjoy each other in a more relaxed way (Carlson & Buskist, 1997). Even though most couples will not wait until the good old days to come back, I see marriage as more positive today than in the past. People are getting married later, because they are in love, and know that they can always end the relationship if they are not satisfied. Before, couples went through hell together but would not, or could not get divorced. People also remarrying more than they used to, searching for another partner to share their lives, and in some times finding happiness with the second or third partner, which is very positive if
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