Marriage Pattern of the Gbandi Tribe

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Introduction The Gbadi tribe settles in Lofa County, they practice both traditional and western marriage. I BENEDICT S. KPEHE belong to this tribe. Here in I will discuss the mate selection and marriage pattern of tribal group in Liberia taking the Gbandi tribe as case study.

Marriage, in the Gbandi tribe and any other tribal group in Liberia is socially recognized and approved union between individuals, who commit to one another with the expectation of a stable and lasting intimate relationship. It begins with a ceremony known as a wedding, which formally unites the marriage partners. In Liberia traditional society, this union is arranged by parents (Arranged marriage). Arranged marriage is the process of the parent selecting mate
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Leadership was base on the size of the family. In the tradition wedding beliefs of the Gbandi people like other tribe of Liberia the man is allow to marry as many wives as he can. General governance of the house hold involves male control in theory , but practical day to day domestic management is allocated to the woman. The first wife become the head wife and holds the greatest status, but the last or recent wife is the favorite; probably because, the recent woman is young and attractive to the man at the time. Once the man married his first wife, mate selection for her husband becomes her responsibility. The man ask his wife to propose marriage to a woman he admire. On the other hand, the sees a beautiful and hard working girl and she propose marriage on behave of her husband. The woman justified that the house work is too much for her and that she needs a help mate.
The tradition Gbandi social order is fundamentally based on polygyny and prior to the influence of western culture, most man aimed for attained control over several wives, large house hold with many wife and children established the social foundation for man to assume the prestigious status of big house hold and economic basis for controlling substantial productive operation. With these assets, man establishes himself as important member or leader in the community.
The Gbandi beliefs in endogamous marriage meaning they marry within their

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