Marriage Success and The Psychology Behind It

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Marriage Success and the Psychology behind it
What are the effects of 1) parental marriage status and 2) attitudes towards marriage, on marriage success?

SPECIFIC AIMS By analyzing an individual’s parental marital status and through observing individuals in the course of adolescent dating and/or young adult marriage, one can measure the attitudes and expectations concerning marriage. Young adults who have either came from a home of divorced parents or an intact family will affect the attitude toward marital relationships and the value of them. Whether the young adult has positive or negative outlook of marriage is strongly correlated with family they come from. Individuals with positive attitudes about marriage that have
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a. Significance Parental divorce and family conflicts during adolescence bear a great deal of influence on the quality of early adult marriages. This relationship the child has with their parents and whether they lived in a divorced or intact home has importance correlated to the value of marital relationships of early adulthood. There is a correlation between family conflict and early adolescent dating. Exchange Theory calculates that individuals who embrace attitudes that are leaning toward divorce are less likely to try and save their marriage. On the other hand, the cognitive dissonance theory calculates that individuals who are involved in the diminishing of the satisfaction of marriage, embrace attitudes leaning toward divorce as they decide whether to leave the marriage. Data provide stronger support for the exchange theory hypothesis. (Rogers, Stacy J., & Amato, Paul R. 1999). Embracing other attitudes toward divorce reflects the undermining of the satisfaction and value of marriage in the stretch of things. Individuals who come from home of divorced parents have a greater complex view of marriage. These individuals cherished marital relationships however they are cognizant of its confines and are open-minded to the alternatives of marital relationships.
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