Marriage : The Mystery Of Faithful Love

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Marriage: The Mystery of Faithful Love The “Mystery of Faithful Love” was a very deep and difficult book for me to understand, especially as I am not Catholic. It discusses in detail about conjugal love and how to recognize it within marriage. Subjects of fidelity, faith, and procreation were all mentioned in the context of a successful marriage. After reading it and going over certain sections again, I hope that I can convey the topic in an accurate and unique way. This book starts out with a quote Lord Byron wrote over 150 years ago that states, “Love is heaven; marriage is Hell.” He did not realize how popular this statement would prove to be as it is in our world today. Married couples in our society have begun to view marriage as a prison. The author of this book though, Dietrich von Hildebrand, believes marriage is the key to human happiness because someone who is truly in love will want to bing themselves to their beloved. Without commitment in a relationship, one is only fooling themselves and confusing the excitement of a new relationship with genuine happiness. Every love experiences difficulties and temptations, but without commitment, any obstacle will be an easy excuse to separate. We need to have confidence in God and know that with His help we can overcome these difficulties and save the precious gift of love. Marriage was chosen as one of the seven sacraments in the Catholic Church, making it highly valued. It gives people the strength to “fight the

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