Marriage Today. Marriage Has Different Meanings To Different

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Marriage Today Marriage has different meanings to different people, as I embarked on this reaserch I was excited to hear the stories of the ones whom made it for so long. Prior to the interview I casually knew all of the individuals. One would assume all would have amazing love stories since all were wed for close to 28 years My general beliefs on marriage are probably more skeptical than most, I have been married twice and both were unsuccessful unions. Looking back on both marriages failed for different reasons, but the biggest commonality between them might be my views on the institution. I came from a family where my mother was married several times and even my grandparents had been previously married. This gave me a sense that…show more content…
3) The daily struggle to cohabitate when there is no affection. In the begging, married life was very different. There was an intimacy and Common goals that drove the couple down the aisle. They had a son 27 years ago, and things took a drastic turn. Dave’s wife, Deb no longer wanted a large family and hence the sex life slowly disappeared. This was devastating for Dave, who had built a huge home and had dreams of having a large family. Currently they are married and live together in a peaceful cohabitating life style. Their only son moved out 6 months ago, creating a bigger gap between the two. Many of the challenges that couples go through were avoided because Dave was a fireman and gone a lot of the time. Furtermore, Deb worked as a teacher and with their schedules they passed in the night frequently. Durning their late twenties, they were married and lived on hope and dreams that the two shared. During their thirties, Deb became pregnant with their only son and became despondent about the marriage. Soon after, Deb became an alcoholic unbeknownst to Dave, “Although marriage typically leads to decreased heavy drinking and alcohol problems, not all couples experience this buffering effect” (Rodriguez, Neighbors, Knee 2014). He had on many occasions crawled into bed smelling wine on her breath, but did not think much about it until the day she was
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