Marriage : What Is It Good For?

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Maiesha Azmi
Professor Edwards
Soci 2301-76426
30 July 2014

Marriage--What is it Good For?

This article gives us an insight on the different factors that play a role when selecting a mate. It states how Prince William chose Catherine Middleton who even though was not from a royal family, because they went to the same university where they dated for a long time, he chose to marry her and she went on to become the first Queen with a university degree, showing that their union was of equals. We read about Chelsea Clinton who marries after living with her boyfriend, and golfer Greg Norman and tennis star Chris Evert who tie the knot as they both shared equal success in their careers; and sharing similar interests. Thus, we get to see that it is not just one factor that plays in selecting a mate, but numerous.

Similarly, in the textbook it depicts that mate selection depends on various traits of an individual; starting from their race, ethnicity, age similarities to their physical appearance. We want to be with someone who shares similar interests, whom we love and will spend the rest of our lives with. However, this varies within cultures. In Western cultures, people generally choose their partner based on love while in other cultures around the world, marriage partners are selected by the bride and groom’s parents.

The analogy “marriage is like glue, living together is like Velcro” is accurate. Marriage is a legal union between two individuals. It is believed to be the
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