Marriage Within The Victorian Century

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Cathylee Cueto Ms. Kitzie AP English Lit & Comp 1 December 2016 Marriage Within The Victorian Contemporaries The Importance of Being Earnest has been referred to as “A Trivial Comedy for Serious People,” these “serious people” were those of the Victorian contemporaries. Wilde’s writings created this dimensional portal that allowed viewers to visualize and understand the actions that took place “behind doors” in this era. He suggested that these contemporaries should treat trivial matters with greater respect and pay less attention to what society regarded as serious. In Victorian society only several things were spoken about seriously: appearance, style, and money. Wilde not only expressed this philosophy in The Importance of Being Earnest, but in recently read, Lady of Windermere 's Fan as well. Oscar Wilde’s most commonly trivial matter was marriage and how it was seen as an arrangement, way of gaining social status, and a game. When in reference to the Victorian contemporaries and society, Wilde is mainly speaking upon the upper class’s behalf. The upper class composed largely of those of royalty and aristocrats. Due to their enormous amount of wealth, the upper class predominately had very little tasks to complete throughout the day. They did not have to work so every day was holiday, every day was a day off. Their daily tasks included getting dressed, eating, and doing activities with friends and family. Since these are upper class people, their activities mainly
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