Essay Marriage and Divorce

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Marriage and Divorce

Marriage and divorce may be approached in differing ways by a couple according to the vows and rituals they undertake prior to, during and after the wedding ceremony.

Marriage like family is an institution for all regardless of religious convictions. The basis of a marriage varies in different cultures; in the West...romantic love, while in other cultures, marriages are arranged by parents for political, financial and cultural reasons.

In the Western world, the Christian and Jewish communities consider monogamous relationships, those that occur between a male and a female, acceptable. Modern Christianity and affluent societies insist marriages should be strictly
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Emotional intimacy, commitment and communication are also needed in order to have a successful relationship, which is mutually fulfilling. During the formation of relationships, individuals undertake physical and emotional rituals i.e. engagement. Relationships develop in stages; the order in which they develop varies from couple to couple.

Prior to marriage, the relationship begin to materialize through courtship, ("going out.") At this stage the two people make a transition from being individuals to being a couple (boyfriend and girlfriend.) Stereotypically the male 'asks out' the female. The individuals interact with one another and continue going out if they are compatible with each other. As intimacy develops, the relationship progresses from being casual and inclusive, to exclusive. At this point, the two people have to negotiate getting both of their needs met, communication between the couple becomes increasingly important especially as conflict resolution skills will start making or breaking the relationship.

If the individuals are well matched, affection in public and private situations then occurs and a sexual relationship may begin. The Catholic Church and other Christian organisations do not promote pre-marital sex (Sex before marriage), as it fails to be

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