Marriage and Divorce

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These days, people are taking the issue of marriage and divorce very casually and not comprehending the actually consequences of these events, especially the effect it leaves on children. More like married couples get a divorce faster and easily than getting married. To add on to other extra problem, they have children without planning out and not being stable enough to even have extra member in the family. According to Oxford Dictionary, divorce is “the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other capable body”. Malaysia has the highest percentage of divorce rate. Based on research statistic, the divorce percentage reaches up 20% every year. In United States, 40% of all marriage end up in divorce. Internationally, an average of 1.3 per 1000 individuals gets a divorce. Having a marriage to end it’s not like a special event rather a long and heartbreaking process for the entire family including children in every aspect of their lives. Parents needs to understand the effect of divorce because for the rest of their lives these children will have to face the consequence of the terrible decision made by their parent. They will end up becoming the victim of their own parent’s divorce. Divorce brings negative effect toward the children, it will cause the child to go through emotional and behavioural distress, will create a negative perception of their own marriage in the future and decrease their standard of living and happiness as well.
Children will go through emotional

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