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You Decide: Understanding your spouse – Ten Guidelines Sandra Pacheco Marriage and Family - SOCS 315 Professor Gomes October 4, 2013 DeVry University Marriage is a difficult already. So it only gets worse when children come along. Things get complicated when children come along, since there is more people to take care of. Even though, children are a blessing from god, they are huge responsibility. Marriage with children can be very stressful. Couples can sometimes have conflicts because of important decisions in life. Whether, it's taking care of your 3 month your old or going back to work? You have to really analyze both sides to make the best decision you can possibly make for your little one.…show more content…
She should willingly consider doing a job but for limited hours only so that the child does not suffer much and she is available for most of the time to her child. Or she should wait for a year before getting back to job. What Joshua needs to do: Joshua should be with the child when Leonora is away, so that the child is not at all left alone. He should manage his working hours according to Leonora's so that their working hours does not affect the child. Guideline 8: Don't Try to Win What Leonora and Joshua needs to do: Leonora should agree with her husband and join after some months; else she can enroll herself in work from home facilities. Joshua should agree to her and make her work after one year when the child is able to walk little and talk little. After one year he should compromise little and manage their working schedules. Their objective of conflict should not be to win over the other but this should lead to a solution which will bring a win-win situation for both. Guideline 9: Be Willing to Forgive What Leonora needs to do: Lenora should be forgiving and understand that Joshua wants his child safety first. She should see that he is only asking for some time so that their child is not deprived of love. What Joshua needs to do: Joshua should equally give her the opportunity to earn and provide great future for their daughter.Understanding and respecting each others

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