Marriage and Family

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VOCATION * Latin word “vocare” * To summon * To call someone over * About GOD calling a person to fulfil specific missions DISCERNING ONE’S CALLING * At certain times, many of us have a feeling of incompleteness and restlessness. Searching for meaning is a part of being human. It is a persistent longing that calls for some eventual resolution. * GOD in His goodness created everything out of love. God created us with the desire and capacity to receive Him. Our natural thirst for fullness is found only in God. THE MEANING OF OUR CALLING * The one who calls is GOD Vocation speaks about the one called but not so much of the One who calls – GOD. We are called by GOD to be holy, and be holy ourselves.…show more content…
They serve the Church through the following apostolates: * Education * Taking care of the sick * Caring for the orphans * Community organizing * Working with the poor * Giving retreats and recollections * Clerical state The word priest came from the Greek word “Presbyteroi” that refers to elders. These are people who are given the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Bishop and priest are ordained to be able to preach the Gospel and shepherd the faithful as well as celebrate divine worship. WHY DO WE PRAY? Prayer allows us to discern our vocation by keeping a constant connection to God who shares to us his Spirit which helps us grow intimate with Jesus. * Prayer “Intimate conversation with God who we know loves us” TYPES OF PRAYER * Adoration - We adore God as our Creator on whom we depend our existence. * Contrition - We ask for forgiveness through our Lord Jesus Christ, for the sins through which we reject God and his love. * Thanksgiving - We give thanks to God for all the he has bestowed upon us. * Supplication - We present our needs to God. * Offering - We place ourselves before God. REASONS FOR PRAYING * To be transformed by God Prayer can transform us into becoming a real disciple of Christ. Prayer does not only change us it gives us the courage to make changes. * To respond to God’s call for us to “be

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