Marriage and M. Foster Cohabitation

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Cohabitation Before Marriage

Huynh Thi Thanh Tam Nguyen Kim Ngoc Quyen Le Dang Phuong Luong Thi Thanh Thao Tran Huy Bao Phan Thi Ai Hoa Luu Ho Xuan Quynh Nguyen Truong Vinh Phat Academic Skills November 14th, 2012 Professor Douglas M. Foster

Cohabitation Before Marriage Love between man and woman is the precious one of human that people must spend a lot of time and effort to seek. However, there is a perceptive difference of love between Western culture and Eastern culture. Westerners find out freedom and satisfaction in love and marriage is a great importance of their life, therefore they often cohabitate to learn about their partners carefully to get a
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People often think that marriage life is ideal without knowing that that many challenges and difficulties are waiting for them. When people are in trouble, their true characteristic will appear. Couple will know if their partners have responsibility and ability to overcome the difficulties to be successful or not. Therefore, the decision they make at that time normally be the right choice. In addition, when people are in love, they appear to each other with the best look. They show good things. They are clean, tidy, generous, elegant, etc. But when living together, couple expresses each other routine and it is a good way to discover partner’s bad habits. People might see an opposite image. They are untidy, dusty, aggressive, lazy, etc. When people know these bad habits, they will consider if they can accept them or not. If they decide to get married, the conflict in marriage life may no longer exist. This helps people have a better marriage life. Moreover, through solving problems in daily life will help them grow up and accumulate more experiences in future marriage life.
Less pain when breaking up In the situation that the cohabitation couples cannot go together to the happy wedding and has to end with breaking up. They will easily solve the related problems rather than being marriage. Common kinds of problems are dividing assets, bringing themselves into court, copping with the complicated issues in terms of family. Dividing assets is one

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