Marriage and Weddings

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When you are a little girl, you are bought baby dolls, a Barbie dressed in white, a Ken in a matching tux, and a plastic kitchen set. You grow up saying that when you get big, you want to be a stay at home mom. As a child, nearly every little girl is told “You are going to grow up, graduate high school, have a great big wedding and have babies.” It is something we that are taught to look forward to and to aspire for from age five, but does it really make us happy? The average wedding in the United States costs thirty-thousand dollars (Hicken). Couples and their families spend thousands of dollars on everything from hiring wedding planners and florists to buying decorations, the dress, the food, the rings and the party favors. That…show more content…
Waiting to get married also has a lot of personal benefits. When you get married, you have another person, and possible people, tied to you. You can’t just up and move to benefit your career if you have a spouse, kids, and a large extended family that expects to see you every Christmas. People who marry later in life tend to be more successful in their line of work, as they can make more sacrifices for their job. Being more successful in your career usually means more money as well, which is a benefit. The money that you earn only needs to feed and clothe one person, and the rest can go into savings and investments, which will without doubt be helpful at a later date. Of course, I’m not saying “Don’t get married!” I am trying to say that traditional marriage is not always the way to go. There are many different options and there is surely one for every person and couple. A couple with little money shouldn’t feel the need to spend thirty thousand dollars on an extravagant wedding when they would be equally as happy, and better off financially, with a small group of close friends and family at a courthouse. Just as a couple who has been together thirty years should not feel the need to sign official documents if that’s not what they want, either. Maybe a couple is very rich, but they would rather spend
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