Marriage in Pakistan

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Marriage in Pakistan Pakistan is a place of thousands of cultured faces, when there is a wedding its full of its traditions and influenced by foreign customs. When you know there is Pakistani wedding be ready to participate with passion and enthusiasm. There are several steps among Muslim wedding, and they include mangni , mayoo, mehndi, nikah, and valima. Mangni is a formal ceremony to mark the couple of the engagement. This event usually takes place at home and not a lot of people are invited, the couple is usually surrounded by their parents and close relative. It’s also a way for the groom to ask permission from the bride’s parents for her hand in marriage. So at that time rings are exchanged but the groom does not put the ring on…show more content…
Mehr includes two parts in Pakistan but in Islam there is only one. The mehr is almost like a safety net for the bride just in case there is divorce later on, so this guarantees brides freedom within the marriage. In Muslim wedding there has to be four witnesses present at the time of signing the nikka naama this is generally the grooms and bride’s father and if the father is not available the uncle or brothers can take the fathers place. An Islamic imam(called maulana) preforms the nikkah where he recites the verses from the Quran and waits for the bride and groom to accept each other in marriage. Usually the groom makes the proposal and the maulana and the witness take the nikkah naama to the bride and read it to her and then the maulana waits for the bride to say qabool kiya (I accept) and then she signs it. After the maulana witnesses the signing of both newlyweds he recites the Fatihah (first chapter of quran) and various durud (blessings) to mark the ending of the nikkah ceremony. When the maulana ends his durud he makes the marriage legal and the brides side of the family passes out sweets to everyone showing there proudness and happiness. At this time the bride and groom are seated together in a same room. All the family and friends congratulate the couple and then the games start, the bride’s sister tease the groom. This can lead to the sister into trying to take off the shoes of his new brother in law, if she
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