Essay on Marriage in Romeo and Juliet

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Marriage in Romeo and Juliet In Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet”, he portrays the idealistic perception of love in Shakespeare’s time. He shows how the partner’s wealth and social background was the main factor in marriage, as opposed to modern day passionate love, which is drawn by attraction and compatibility. Arranged marriages were accepted by the people from the time without any consideration of happiness. But if our parents controlled our marriages we would rebel excessively. In “Romeo and Juliet” it shows for the first time emotional attachment divergent to the conventional filial duty. In the play he shows love is the main ingredient to a strong unity. That there…show more content…
Romeo relationship with Rosaline proved this, a couple days before he met Juliet he was madly in love with Rosaline, “ a right good marksman, and she’s fair I love” showing that he is very capable of changing from one love to another, so maybe he doesn’t know what love really is? With Juliet only being 13 in our day its unconventional and a bit perverted and most importantly against the law.

Although the setting of the play “Verona” suggests love was meant to happen here. The scene where they first meet builds up a lot of tension, the second he lays his eyes on her he says “if I profane with my unworthiness hand, this holy shrine, the gentle sin is this” Juliet’s response to this was “good pilgrim you do wrong your hand to much, which mannerly devotion shows this” the two quotes show a strong love connection, when they had only just met a second ago. Also if someone is willing to kill themselves because they think their lovers dead, it has to be true love, but then it could have been from the drive from their parents?

Romeo is the type of person who loves everyone except his enemies. He shows love and hate towards everyone. Whenever he saw Juliet he would tell her how much he loved her, if he saw another Capulet he would start a fight, showing he has very mixed emotions. People generally have mixed emotions about
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