Marriot Corporation

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Why is Marriott 's CFO proposing Project Chariot?
2. Is the proposed restructuring consistent with management 's responsibility?
3. The case describes two conceptions of managers ' fiduciary duty (p. 9). Which do you favor: the shareholder conception or the corporate conception? Does your stance make a difference in this case?
4. Should Mr. Marriott recommend the proposed restructuring to the board?
Marriott Corporation (A)
1. Why is Marriott 's chief financial officer proposing Project Chariot? What is your assessment of MC 's financial condition? Is this project necessary for the company 's survival?.
2. Is Project Chariot consistent with management 's responsibilities? To bondholders? To shareholders? To the public?
3. The case
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Thus the shareholders would gain at the expense of bond holders and the equity value of the company would increase. b) Bondholders
Bondholders had a lot to lose as according to Project Chariot almost all the debt would be assigned to HM. Given the problems in real estate and hotel markets there was a concern of HM’s ability to meet its debt payment and there was a high probability of default. This meant that the risk was issued at investment grade but now was not backed by valuable assets of the companies which were to be spun off to MI which was to be backed by equity. The value of the bonds would decline substantially and the bond holders would loose a lot of their investment. c) Management(The Mariott brothers)
The management gains from the spin off since it is able to split its distressed assets from the profit driving assets and there was a new company which was not under distress thus helping them retain their management positions and start from scratch. They can concentrate on core businesses thus improving efficiency and value. d) The value of the whole company:
The spin off does not create value for the company as a whole but only distributes the...

What: Under Project Chariot, Marriott Corporation (MC) would become two separate companies. The new company, Marriott International Incorporated (MII), would consist of MC’s lodging, food, and facilities management
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