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GROUP 2137 YEKATERINA POLYNCHUK ULIANA KOSTIEVA YULIIA KRYVONOS MARKETING STRATEGY PLAN FOR MARRIOTT U.S.A. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Marriott USA is a leader in the global lodging industry in that area. With numerous properties in USA and countless achievement awards, they are not only a wellknown but also a well-liked brand. The global financial crisis hit the hotel and lodging industry hard because of a sharp drop in business and leisure travel. Regardless of the steep drop in profitability over recent years, Marriott USA has plans to focus on driving incremental revenue by cutting costs at the property level. It also addresses opportunities Marriott USA has to further capitalize on…show more content…
Economic factor are concern to Marriott, because they are influenced on demand, cost, prices and profits. One of the most influence factors on the economy are acquisition, merger and demerger. In last year, Marriott USA was increased its stake by 4.9%,from 40.58% to 45.48% at a cost of £42 million. From there financial report their earning objective is so good around the year. Socio-Cultural factor: Current situation indicate that Marriott USA provide good service for customer they using 7 language through the online and graphics and maps also adding value to booking experience, which is due to variety of social changes. Demographic changes such as the aging population and an increase the female worker because the company believes that men and women at the heart of its strategy. The company also focus on their employer and to make an increased efforts more and more training place and of social advancement. Marriott USA also provide franchises with added value and HR services and helping earth people they are involve in the Earth Guest programme with ECO and EGO and also developed corporate sponsorship for child aid, local aid, health, and cultural. In future Marriott USA will continue to respect generation, cultural and professional differences. Technological factors: Technology is the major

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