Marrone Bio Innovations Case Study

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Marrone Bio Innovations Case Study Company History Marrone Bio Innovations was founded in 2006 by Pamela Marrone, Ph.D., after being forced out of the other company she founded, AgraQuest. Pamela and the other founding member of AgraQuest were forced out of the company after the company continued to require additional money. The company was established to create bio-based pesticides and other plant health products that are environmentally safe. Marrone Bio Innovations grew through the development and sale its innovative globally responsible products which are all EPA approved. The company specializes in products that protect crops from disease, parasites and insects as well as improve crop growth and health. They also have begun to offer water treatment products for industrial purposes that kill mussels who can cause damage to the machine and ecosystem and continue research and development on eco-friendly solutions for plants and water treatment. Initial Public Offering (IPO) In July of 2013, Marrone Bio Innovations filed the second amendment to the S-1 Registration Statement with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). In this amendment, they were registering 4,830,000 shares of stock in Marrone Bio Innovations but only offering 4,200,000. They stated that they were an “emerging growth company” but would “opt out” of the less stringent reporting requires and chose to comply with the more strict accounting requirements initially. The S-1 registration form

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