Mars Bar Measurement in Bcb

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Mars bar chocolate

Measuring & Interpreting Brand Performance Report

Prepared for Buyer & Consumer Behavior team
University of South Australia

Cameron Lau Ming Cham

Undergraduate student

25 May 2012

Executive Summary

This report examines Mars bar chocolate Brand Performance; Awareness and Salience; and Demographics and Segmentation.

Brand performance part showing that the difference between subscription market and a repertoire market, although chocolate industry is most commonly in the subscription market but Mar Bar have extremely high Sole loyalty to denied this rule. Light buyer is the essential factor for marketers due to the theory Pareto Law, strategy such as increase penetration but not increasing
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Big brand are often make up by huge amount of light buyers, in table 1 Mars Bar chocolate’s Sole loyalty has become a strong evident to prove this rule, although light buyer switching brands very often. 2.1 Brand Salience

It has been acknowledge (Romaniuk & Sharp 2004) that Brand salience can be defined as the propensity of the brand to be thought of by buyers when they are in a buying situations. A brand awareness strategy depends on how well known the brand is, Brand Salience is forming image to refresh their memory about the brands that can linked to consumer mind as well as the quantity and quality of the cue to brand links (Olson & Peter 2005), it is very important that consumer can connect to their mind as many cues as possible . The level of consumers’ brand awareness necessary to induce purchase varies depending on how and where they make their purchase decision for that product category or form. The brand attitude is focus on evaluating the brand, according to Schiffman and Kanuk (2007) “attitudes are relevant to purchase behavior are formed as a result of direct experience with the product, word-of-mouth information acquired from others, or exposure to mass-media advertising, the internet, and various forms of direct marketing”
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