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Mars is around half the diameter and a few percent of the mass of Earth. Mars’ position is also a significantly longer distance from the sun compared to Earth’s. Mars once was a warm planet with water and a thick atmosphere, it could have been a little twin planet next to us, but sadly Mars is now a desolate planet with very little atmosphere. Mars’ surface water dried up over time, and Mars became known as the ‘red planet’. For years scientists have wondered what happened to Mars’ atmosphere. With no idea how that happened to Mars, people were terrified of the thought of Earth turning into a planet like mars and didn’t know what would happen to its inhabitants.

NASA’s Maven mission was made to figure out the story behind Mars’ atmosphere. Maven released its first scientific results in November of 2015. They said that water was abundant and active on Mars for the first few hundred million years. It had oceans, rivers, and rain, they figured this out by measuring how the remaining martian atmosphere interacts with the sun. For you to understand what happened to Mars, you need to know what a solar wind is. A solar wind is a wave of charged particles released from the
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And if we decided to terraform (transform a planet) so as to resemble the earth, (especially so that it can support human life.) Mars by artificially creating a thick atmosphere it would survive for many tens of millions of years, which in turn could enable us a step closer in colonising Mars. If we do nothing to Mars and the current loss of its atmospheric state, it will become completely airless in just the little time of another two billion years. Mars will become a Mercury or Moon like world, completely
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