Mars Desper : A Short Story : Mars Vesper

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Mars Vesper had always been more of a rebellious type, so when his mother told him that he was grounded and had to stay home, his thoughts were elsewhere. Sure, he respected his folks, but he felt the reason he got grounded in the first place was stupid. He has been suspended from school for back-talking a teacher who, in his eyes, didn’t know what she was talking about in the first place. Things got pretty heated when said “You’re just a know it all who doesn’t have shit better to do than scold teenagers,” Just the fact that he cussed at a teacher and insulted her had made Mars’ parents furious. They instantly brought him back up to the school following his suspension to apologizes to her. But even after that his parents weren’t satisfied and he was grounded for two weeks. This meant no arcade, no television, and certainly no going to a Halloween party. He had initially planned to serve out his sentence without protest, until Juniper Sinclair had personally invited Mars to her party.
“Hey, Marsy I’m about to make your day…”
“Oh really? Did you finally decide to step up your game and ask me on a date?” Mars smirked at her. Her face turned a bright shade of embarrassment.
“Ha, you wish! No actually I’m inviting you to my Halloween party on Wednesday. I know its not ideal but most of us are skipping on Thursday,”
“Thanks for the invite but I was planning on staying indoors, studying and watching paint dry actually,” Mars said in a sarcastic tone.
“Very funny, see you there

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