Mars In Review Case Study Maria

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The following is a case study of a lesson by Mr. Villanueva reviewing lessons on the planet Mars for an upcoming test. Mr. Villanueva uses many different ways of incorporating both semantic memory and episodic memory as well as the demonstration of long-term memory in his lesson. During the lesson, the importance of attention in memory and recall is seen throughout. This paper describes and inspects the Mars in Review case and what theories were incorporated into this lesson. It critically examines each aspect of this lesson and the correlation between behaviorist theories of learning. Mr. Villanueva begins the review by displaying a cardboard cutout that is folded in half and leaning against the side chalkboard and brings it over to display in front of the class. This board that represents the solar system in a 3-D way with the use of soft form is a perfect example of a visual reflection. Visual reflections make the classroom reflect the unit the teacher is teacher. Visual reflections also allow the students to be able to tie thoughts together through association. The visual reflection is also a…show more content…
Villanueva then begins to ask the students review questions. He initiates the classroom discussion by asking the students “What is the first planet in our solar system?” Although Todd hesitantly answers, I believe that this is an example of over-learned material. Being that the students are reviewing for a test, they have probably done a lot of work in this lesson to learn the different planets. Knowing the first planet should be something that is over-learned material because it should have been the first planet the students were introduced to and was probably reviewed every time before a new planet was learned. Students should be taught the necessity of “over-learning” new information. Often they practice only until they are able to perform one error-free repetition of the material. However, several error-free repetitions are needed to solidify the
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