Mars Incorporated: Diversity In The Workplace

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Mars Incorporated is listed in “100 Best Companies to work for” (Kaplan). As a matter of fact it was “ranked number 95 in 2013” (Kaplan) and is the third largest privately owned business in the world. It consists of over 70,000 employees and its management is composed of family members who inherited the business from Frank Mars who created the company. Frank Mars was stricken with polio and his mobility was compromised, therefore, growing up he spent most of his time learning the skill of making candy. It was during this time he thought of manufacturing and selling his confectionary products. Thus, the founding of Mars Incorporated was initiated. The internal organizational environment at Mars Incorporated includes the employees, the management team, and the culture diversity. There are employees at Mars who are third generation workers. The company has seen a trend of an employee being hired and staying on until old enough to retire. Mars Incorporated does have a satisfactory wage scale and the employees have several benefits which includes a retirement savings. “Many employees -- the company…show more content…
Mars Incorporated has a diversity of products ranging from “candy bars, Uncle Ben’s Rice, Whiskas’ cat food, and Wrigley’s chewing gum” (Kaplan). Still the management teams are not public with any of their managerial skills since the company does not publish or talk about the processes of their business; it is all kept within the four walls of the company. The company has no one person who is named CEO, Paul Michaels fills the job of President of the company and was quoted by Kaplan as saying, “the company believes in the “Five Principles of Mars”: quality, responsibility, mutuality, efficiency, and freedom” (Kaplan). This motto is on site at every plant facility, even those
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