Mars Is Heaven Analyzed Essay

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Mars is Heaven! Plot: A group of space explorers are on a voyage to Mars from Earth. As they land they are bewildered to see that the planet looks just like earth 30 years in the past. Cautiously, the captain of the ship takes two men to explore, while the rest of the crew stays behind. Things only get more bizarre from here as one of the crew members discovers his grandparents live there, and they have been dead for years! Similar cases for the rest of the crew as they all break up and spend time with their respective families. However it is too good to be true when they lost family members turn out to be aliens, and kill the entire crew then destroy the shuttle. Theme: There are multiple themes to this short story, and you…show more content…
Conflict: This is where I ran into a little bit of an issue. Technically the main conflict of the story would be man vs. the Martian society or simply man vs. aliens. However I believe there to be a certain element of man vs. himself or his own mind. The earth crew was desperately trying to figure things out, scrambling for ideas and rationales. If they were hypnotized or brain washed the aliens were responsible, but the aliens more than likely fed off feelings and wants that already laid within the minds of the crew. The desire to see them again, the memories and thoughts of the families and friends and what not, but that is just my opinion. Symbolism: There was plenty of symbolism in this story. The small town which represented comfort, love, and happiness. The lemonade with the ice dinging in the glass was also an example, which represented that comfortable and traditional homey feel. Even the 10 cent cigars and the brass band were all clever illusions on part of the aliens to tie into those existing feelings of the astronauts. The aliens sensed the astronauts were far from home and probably weary and home sick, and therefore cleverly used visual tricks and forms of symbolism to tie into that feeling of comfort and home. Story Movement: 80% of the story was rising action in my opinion. Everything from
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