Marshal Bruce Mathers III: Eminem

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Marshal Bruce Mathers III who is also know as Eminem was born with great talent and determination. He faced many challenges in his life but his determination and commitment lead him to success. Eminem's life as a child wasn't easy since his father abandoned him when he was six months old. He lived with an abusive mother who never supported him and considered him as a worthless human being. According to Han Eysencks. Eminem would be categorized as extroverted because he was very active and energized. He loved to talk with people and express his feelings. He had great talent and wanted to show the world that he can rise to the top. Eminem became to be the king of rap and also a great actor. Eminem faced some difficulties throughout his life…show more content…
Eminem started to hate his mother for al the misery she put him through. There was hatred toward his father as well for never being in his life. Eminem struggled a lot throughout his life. He didn't have good relationships with the people he thought would support him. He needed motivation and power to rise to the top. Maslow's theory of personality was based on his holistic approach to motivation. Basically, a person's needs is what motivates them. Maslow's hierarchy of needs show that all needs need to be satisfied in order for someone to become self actualized. The question is was Eminem able to reach self actualization? (Westefil, 2012) For example one will always be motivated to satisfy their physiological needs because no one can live without food or water. In regards to Eminem, those needs are satisfied. Safety needs motivate an individual to become dependent or stable in life. Growing up, Eminem didn't feel safe because he was constantly exposed to his mother's dangerous acts. He developed a fear of his mother that made them become distant from each other. Eminem developed basic anxiety due to the fact that his safety needs weren't met. However, Eminem's life began to change during early adulthood. He became a famous rapper and began to live a stable life. He bagan to feel safe and secure because this is what he always dreamed of. Love and belongingness needs motivate the needs for friendships and feeling loved. Growing up, Eminem didn't

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