Marshall Law

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In everyday life people can do common to uncommon things. From toddlers eating up toys to people vandalizing properties. Yes we are given in life rights as citizens but nevertheless there is a certain extent to what we can and can’t do. Authority is given to the government to protect the people and to keep the world stable.Of course there’s been cases where “Social Necessity” isn’t used in a way for the public to feel safe and there for people create protests and riots to incorporate their point of view.
For example, In the news there was a 14 year old boy black boy who was manhandled by not just one police officer but five police officer. The reason why was for jaywalking but only crossing the street. People believe that the boy was violated
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The reason why is because it not only takes care of crazy people but can decrease the crime level. Even to believe that if a citizen over the age of 18 can’t act their age and follow laws then who's to say the police department or Marshall Law does not have authority to do anything necessary to solve problem. But like was said before to a certain extent the problems can be solved in an appropriate manner. In this case Marshall Law the authority basically at this point can do anything necessary meaning people can even be killed at this level of the case. Marshall Law is an exercise of the government controlled by the military authorities over civilization of a designated territory. Marshall Law is generally an act of last resort. Courts will uphold a decision to use troops only if its necessary and proper. Some people believe that the government meaning the police go a little too far with their authority. And some might not think so and agree with the authority. The authority should be handled by the government (police) because for so many years it's been that way. The way that the people are used too instead of causing more problems to change it. Peace and balance should be incorporated into the world as well meaning if there wasn't so much violence then our world and society could be a better place to live. How could the world even control themselves without the authority of some
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