Marshall Petersen And The Muscadine Grapes

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Similar to most cases that are brought through the judicial system, the circumstances of Marshall Petersen and the Muscadine grapes are complex and convoluted. One must not evaluate this matter solely based on what is ethically right or wrong. Rather, legal precedent must be evaluated to explore previous outcomes and the facts surrounding such results. Research begins with classic contract dispute concepts and further navigates based on the applicability of lesser known cases. The facts will guide all analysis of this contract dispute, leading to a decision based on an educated interpretation of the law. Similar to the American judicial process, we must first begin with the facts that surround this case. Marshall owns a health food store that is utilizing my Muscadine grapes, largely due to their high antioxidant qualities, and places modest phone orders. Over time Marshall has increased his orders, which I have always fulfilled without delay. I have invoiced Marshall with net 30 terms, but Marshall has not been prompt in his payment, continuously paying past the established due date. Unbeknownst to me, Marshall receives a signature from my minor son, who agrees to the “formality” of a written contract that guarantees our continued business partnership. After the Muscadines are featured in an article from The Huffington Post, demand for these distinct grapes skyrockets, prompting several new offers from as far as Texas. Furthermore, the offers that I receive are
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