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Memorandum TO: Alexis Fairchild FROM: Marshall Petersen DATE: October 14, 2015 SUBJECT: Contract Breach The intent of this mediation memo is to explain the breach of contract by the Muscadine grape producer, with whom l had entered into an agreement with to supply Muscadine grapes for my business. The agreement was supposed to account for a fixed price schedule, and I will delve into the facts of the case to clarify the breach of contract. I will explain the legal issues of the contract breach, request possible restitution, and appeal to conditions under which we can arrange a settlement. Facts of the case Six months ago while attending a church service in Alabama with my wife, I met a grape…show more content…
I drafted the requirements and one particular day, I handed the supplier’s son the requirements contract and asked him to sign on behalf of the company, which he agreed to. However, the demand for the products skyrocketed nationwide after an article was written in the Huffington Post highlighting the antioxidant qualities of Muscadine; prompting the supplier to repudiate the contract by either increasing the prices of the products or referring me to other providers. At the time, the requirements contract was signed by the supplier’s son I was not aware that he a minor. Contract material terms The contract was to govern the business relationship, and the terms were expected to be adhered to by both parties. According to the contract, the supplier was supposed to supply me with the products during the time of agreement without failure unless under unavoidable circumstances. Any condition that prevented delivery of products on the dates scheduled, the supplier was expected to provide a reason for the delay and if possible give the estimated time of delivery. The prices of the products were expected to be fixed, and no additional charges or price adjustments were to be made without my consent and that is after negotiations between the two of us. Also, the products were supposed to be delivered in exact quantities, location, and on time. Legal issues I found the demands of the grape producer/ supplier to change the terms of
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