Marshall Peterson's Business Practices And Ethics

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Marshall Peterson’s business practices and ethics present a dilemma to the family business with substantial ramifications. Prior to making any assumptions or conclusions, I believe a clarification of the issues and the relevant facts would serve a great purpose. The relevant facts of the case are as follows: • Marshall Peterson is not a Christian who is beginning to explore his faith. • Peterson is a business owner of a small, local health store. • Peterson has engaged in a business relationship with a family business who produces Muscadine grapes and Muscadine grape based products. • Peterson orders from the family business regularly and receives shipment consistently and began investing heavily in the advertising of Muscadine products. • Peterson’s payments, although late, are made. • Peterson has a part-time, 17 year old deliveryman (a relative of the family) sign a contract. The deliveryman is now 18 years old as his birthday was last month. • The family business is seeking to sign a lucrative contract with a Texas based company and informed Peterson of their intention to no longer supply his business. • Peterson expects the family business to continue the relationship as per the written contract. Given the relevant facts of this case, the issues confronting the family business are whether the contract signed by the 17-year-old deliveryman is binding or voidable. Does a minor have the capacity to contract? Lastly, what legal recourse does the family

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