Marshall University Personal Statement

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I am applying to the Marshall University’s Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine because of its great student to faculty ratio, the approach to pathology as a primary learning experience, their outreach in the community, and also because of its focus on providing students with excellent research experiences, such as the summer research stipend projects. The student to faculty ratio is important to me because that means I will have those extra minutes to speak with professors, which will pay off tenfold for exams. Not only does that mean that I will be able to start more discussions with them, but I will also be able to ask more questions. I picture myself attending a medical school where the professors are so passionate about medicine that their…show more content…
This great disparity in wealth and opportunity has prompted me to join the American Red Cross to help with disaster relief and mental health, as well as volunteering at the women’s and children’s shelter. The opportunity to assist ailing communities makes Marshall University special in comparison to some of the other schools. Not only this, but Marshall provides a great opportunity to pursue some research endeavors. If you are wondering why I am applying, the answer is simple. The opportunity to study medicine at Marshall is too ideal to pass up. Marshall is a school that I believe can enhance my love for medicine, and teach me to be a veritable and meticulous physician. Being a Montana resident has put me at a disadvantage while applying to medical school. Montana does not have its own medical school, and so I must seek an out-of-state school. This puts me at a disadvantage since most schools prioritize in-state students before the out-of-state ones. I chose to apply to Marshall because it is a school that I would love to attend and be a part of their excellent medical
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