Marshk Organizational Change

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Introduction Marshak emphasizes how organizational change is changing because of the advancement of technology. Marshak observes are now able to access information and share anything with others anywhere, and anytime “on a continuous, interactive, and unrestricted basis.” Marshak quotes from Stan Davis and Christopher Myers’ book Blur: The Speed of Change in the Connected Economy, "Connectivity, Speed, and Intangibles-the derivatives of time, space, and mass-are blurring the rules and redefining our businesses and our lives" (2014, para. 1). This is certainly true not in just our lives, but in the private sector businesses and governmental agencies. Technology makes change inevitable; we either keep up with change to remain competitive or we quickly lag behind and lose.
The Morphing of Military Intelligence
The capabilities of collecting data and from data creating intelligence reporting to support military missions around the world has changed dramatically when you compare today’s capabilities those the Army had at the outbreak of World War II. Signal Intelligence during that time period consisted of personnel assigned to break cryptic communication codes used by Japanese and German forces. The only means available to collect imagery data was utilizing military aircraft to locate and photograph enemy forces to …show more content…

This fits with Marshak’s use of a quote from The Art of Continuous Change: Linking Complexity Theory and Time-Paced Evolution in Relentlessly Shifting Organizations, “Moreover, in high-velocity industries with short product cycles and rapidly shifting competitive landscapes, the ability to engage in rapid and relentless continual change is a crucial capability for survival" (para. 5). Morphing is undergoing a gradual process of

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