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This examination is based on the “Martha McCaskey” case. Question 1 Seleris was a medium sized consulting firm based out of Chicago with offices in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Industry Analysis was the youngest and smallest of Seleris’s four divisions and was a separate, autonomous unit operating exclusively out of San Francisco. IAD consisted of 15 professionals, 12 analysts and 6 support staff. IAD has a formal organization structure but becomes blurry on the projects. Richardson was the senior vice president for the IAD with Malone as vice president and two group managers for the division. The remaining 11 professionals formed two groups of senior associates who reported to two group managers. The groups were…show more content…
Monday morning meeting with Group Managers (Davies and Hackert) 2. Meeting with Ty Richardson – attempting to craft alternative approaches 3. Reach out to headquarters in Chicago with an email to directors “Voice” Action #1 – McCaskey could start the meeting with something like this “I will like to see your counsel on an issue that I am struggling with on the Silicon 6 project. I am having a feeling that the current path I am going could lead us into trouble as I am not honest with Devon my source of information on why I am collecting this information. In my last meeting with the client he is asking us to perform espionage to certain extent. How should I navigate this fine line in the project?”. Hackert and Davies being the group managers might provide some resistance and caution how this will turn up for McCaskey. However McCaskey should thank them and move forward. “Voice” Action #2 – McCaskey should meet with Ty Richardson given her access to him and talk with him personally. McCaskey can start the meeting by being honest like this – “I have something that is concerning me for some time that I will like to discuss with you on the Silicon 6 project. I am having trouble getting information on the project and finally bumped into ex-employee our source Devon who was still employed when they were working on this chip and I have given him fee to get this information without disclosing my identity. Also in the

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