Essay about Martha Mccaskey Case Study

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Martha McCaskey Case Study

Ethical Issues At issue in the Martha McCaskey case is a question of proprietary information. More specifically, McCaskey is faced with the question of what constitutes proprietary information and what is safe to give to the client without breaching any trade secrets. According to DeGeorge, proprietary information, or trade secrets, are a right of each corporation that they can legally and morally protect and refuse to divulge to the public. The types of information that Seleris' client is asking for about their target company are held tightly by the target to ensure their market share. If the information is given to competitors, they will lose their advantage.
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In fact, she has been all but guaranteed a promotion, raise, and easier job duties if she successfully completes the project. It does not appear that those in the new guard are using the same methods and there has been a significant amount of turnover in the past couple of years at IAD. There is a chance that future replacements will not be willing to use the same methods and the problem will eradicate itself. But by remaining silent, she becomes part of the problem and may have to violate her own moral beliefs. On the other hand, if McCaskey brings attention to what she considers an unethical procedure, she could be at risk with her job. She could be seen as a troublemaker and put back on team projects that are not to her liking. She would almost certainly be pulled from this project which would result in no promotion, further hurting her own well-being. A fourth issue that may not deal directly with McCaskey would be whether it is appropriate for Phil Devon to be releasing the information that he may have on the target company that he used to work for, or from other companies that he has assisted on new projects with since leaving the target. As an employee of the target, he would be directly breaching the right of the target to have trade secrets. However, as he no longer works there, Devon is not obliged to consider the interests of

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