Martha Mccaskey

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Abstract: Martha McCaskey has been consistently outperforming herself maintaining high levels of integrity in each project assignment. Currently, she was the project lead for a critical project entitled ‘Silicon 6’ which apart from having high significance for her personal career also had high significance from her company’s future perspective. The project required Martha to research upon manufacturing technologies and plant setup costs for a computer chip that the client’s competitor was planning to launch soon. Martha has been promised a promotion to group manager and the organization has been offered interest in assigning approximately 10 new projects. The project presents an ethical dilemma in front of Martha wherein she needs access…show more content…
The case speaks about a project wherein McCaskey was able to get project critical information just 3-4 days before the final presentation and hence I feel the best alternative for McCaskey would be to best utilize the week available at hand in gaining additional information. In doing so, she can first of all begin with interviewing Devon but not to gain proprietary information about the target company but utilize him as a professional consultant who could assist them in researching upon the latest manufacturing technologies used in computer chips manufacturing and the associated operating costs. Devon had recently helped a European company in setting up a manufacturing plant and seemed extremely intelligent and knowledgeable about the semiconductor industry. The discussion can be focused to revolve around the key trends and technologies affecting the semiconductor industry. Interviewing Devon with direct questions to seek proprietary information about the target company would compromise McCaskey’s business values and also possibly tarnish her name in the consulting industry. Devon had been extremely supportive and informative in the first meeting but as a good business professional without giving away any proprietary information about any company and hence could have taken legal action against IAD once he realized the intentions of McCaskey. Also, there was no guarantee that
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