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Martha Stewart, founder and CEO of her own multimillion dollar corporation, Martha Stewart Living Omni media was indicted, on charges of lying to investigators, securities manipulation, and obstruction of justice. She was sentenced to five months in a West Virginia state woman’s prison and 5 months on house arrest. Originally it was said that Ms. Stewart was indicted on charges of insider trading, however obviously those charges could not be proven. After a year and a half investigation, she was indicted on totally different charges. Ms. Stewart’s stock broker at the time Mr. Bacanovic, who was employed at Merrill Lynch Investment Company, was also indicted on the same charges. Mr. Bacanovic had his assistant call and give Ms.…show more content…
That is said to be insider trading, having received any type of information that was not made available to the public. I don’t understand why the stock broker, who worked for her and got a commission for what he does. His job was to ensure that her portfolio stayed profitably healthy and looking good. But the Securities and Exchange Commission had a different view about the situation and started an investigation of these particular activities. I don’t know if Ms. Stewart really thought she was doing anything wrong at the time but her values seemed to be that of what ever can protect her and her money by any means necessary that’s what she would do. It would seem money was in her top three of things she valued. However I don’t know how many people who found out that the President of a company that they owned stock in was selling his stock and not try to sell theirs also, regardless of how they found out. The President of Imclone had his daughter start selling off stock, and that raised a red flag. As the investigation proceeded it was inevitable that they would get to Ms. Stewart, but she was forewarned by her stock broker once again.
When Ms. Stewart found out about the investigation, her first instinct was to lie and try to cover up the fact that her broker gave her before hand knowledge about the soon to be falling Imclone stocks. I believe this case and investigation was tried out in the media
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