Martha Stewart: The Goddess of Greed Essay examples

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Everywhere you look, there she is. Martha Stewart has invaded every avenue of domesticity. Her "radiant presence... seems to be infinite, like that of the Almighty, or of Starbucks" (Lippert & Ferguson: 26*) The outposts of her "omnimedia empire" are quite fortified (Africannet page). Reigning over a vast technical spectrum, her multi-million, multi-media kingdom includes a magazine with a circulation of 1.2 million, a syndicated column, and a TV show with audience of 5.3 million, but she does not have an official web site (Lippert & Ferguson: 26). There are numerous webpages that fans and foes have dedicated to her. Martha Stewart is energizing the homemaking marketplace. The home is a key part of the American Dream, Her…show more content…
The world of Martha Stewart is a White Wonderland. In the April edition of her magazine, there is only one image of a person of color, and it is in an ad for the American Association of University Women, which does not specifically support women of color. All of the other ads and the entirety of the magazine is White. Living, Martha style is not without it's touch of PC. The calendar in the first pages of text in Martha Stewart Living. It details all of Martha's plans for the month. For 3 April, it states that she will be on the Today show and will be having dinner with the Grubmans. For 4 April, she will be purchasing her Easter ham. (While it does not day that the dinner on the third is in celebration of a Jewish holiday, if its so, it quite humorous to purchase a ham the very next day) April's Living has a section on preparing the proper Easter ham, as well as recipes for a Greek Easter dinner, It does its best to promote a superficial multiculturalism: one can experience a foreign culture by preparing and eating foreign food. The main body of Living details ways to experience traditional Americana customs. Making your own soap is not exactly an embodiment of rugged individualism. It is a one-time event, a whim to try-out pioneer

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